Yes, we all do mistakes. You bought some fake followers when you thought it was a good idea, and now you regret it so much. Way more than your mindset of “I only pay the minimum payment to my credit card and it’ll be fine” in your early 20s…. (Now that I mention this, please tell me you’re not doing this!)

I can perfectly imagine you on your deathbed at age 125 (you’re welcome), where you’re surrounded by your loved ones and you confess to them that one of your biggest regrets was to pay those $9.99 to a random user in a freelance platform to get those fake followers on your Instagram account.

“But Rui, why are fake followers so bad?”

Thank you for asking, fellow creator. It may seem like a quick-fix to make your account look established, but it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to see if you have fake followers. So what’s the point?

It’s actually so frowned upon to buy fake followers for your account, that competitors will even pay to have a high volume of bots follow you to sabotage your account and tarnish your reputation. Yes, the world is full of evil people.

Aside from appearing fraudulent, there are technical issues that occur when you have a large amount of fake followers. When Instagram implemented its new feed algorithm, all feeds were rearranged to favor posts that would most likely cater to your interests. They determined this likelihood based on engagement rates.

If you have a huge number of followers but most of these followers are ghost accounts and do not engage, it destroys your engagement rate. This renders your posts unfavorable in the eyes of the almighty ever-changing IG algorithm, and your posts are less likely to appear in the news feed of your followers.

“Oh no! So what can I do now?”

If you bought fake followers in the past or you have many unwanted bots, not everything is lost for you, young padawan. Cleaner of IG allows you to mass block and unfollow unwanted bots, mass delete posts that you’ve made, and mass unlike Instagram photos/videos in mass quantities.

So basically everything massive. Yes, Instagram doesn’t like third party apps that much and when it doubt, maybe it’s best to shy away from them. However, you need to clean that app around.

Even if you have never purchased followers, it’s still possible that you have accumulated bot followers without noticing. Utilizing clean-up tools such as Cleaner For IG is worth a shot! You may lose some followers, but your engagement rate percentages will go up, which will allow your account to flourish!

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